New 40 Feet HC ISO Standard Steel Reefer Container

Product New 40 Feet HC ISO Standard Steel Reefer Container
Description New 40 Feet High Cube ISO Standard Steel Reefer Container with machinery by Carrier, Daikin, Thermo King or Star Cool
Product detail Use And Features:

40HC standard steel reefer container with high strength, attractive appearance, ease of repair, suitable for both road and rail transportation. Structural characteristics as follows:
1. Steel reefer structure, MGSS outer panels, SUS304 side & door lining, Pre-painted AL sheet;
2. Corrugation base panel, one piece gooseneck tunnel and extrusion AL T-floor;
3. Two piece rear door, no solid rivet door panel.

Dimensions L: 12.192M, W:2.438M, H:2.896M, 34000kg, 68m3
Operating modes Frozen Mode & Chill Mode
Refrigeration System/Capacity Carrier; Daikin, Thermo King / 10HP
Control modes Automatic
Operating temperature range  -25oC  -   +25oC
Range of applications Suitable for use as a freezer vault, preservation and storage of frozen goods: vegetables, spices, pharmaceuticals. Particularly well suited for long distance transport and the requirements of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, seafood production companies and those exporting seafood, flowers, fruit and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, wine and beer.

HOTLINE 01677 468 644 (Gavin Crossley, External Relations Director)
Delivery Time 4-6 weeks