Our business policies and principles of operation

Cai Mep Containers policies are the foundation of our business and the reason for our success.

  1. Always keeping a ready and complete supply of products at hand.
  2. Always being ready to listen and receive suggestions from our customers as to how to improve both the standard and the spirit of our customer services.
  3. Giving priority rates to long standing customers.
  4. Ready to provide services anywhere, anytime, whenever our customers request them.
  5. Always providing a full set of information and technical instructions relevant to our customers, in order to maximize economic efficiency and stability in the provision of products that Cai Mep supplies.
  6. The two overriding principles of Cai Mep are, “our customer’s progress is our own”, and “the customer is king”.
  7. Striving to keep our employees professionally qualified and certified.