• Supply Cold Storage  by reefer container 20'RF, 40'HR, 45'HR.

    Dear customers, Dear customers, We, Cai Mep Container Company, are the leading refrigerated container service provider in the Ho Chi Minh City area and Southern Vietnam. With a variety of products in all sizes, volumes, wide operating temperature ranges and set temperatures, smart control mode is much superior to the control mode of traditional cold storage. . On the other hand, Cai Mep Depot with its extremely convenient location will help: Container trucks can import and export goods 24/7, no load limit, very close to commercial centers, so we believe that every customer You will be satisfied with the quality of goods, stability with minimal costs when using refrigerated containers as cold storage to preserve goods that require refrigeration provided by the company for preservation your goods when needed

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  • Reefer Container, Dry Container and Office Container Sales and Leasing

    A full range of dry, refrigerated and office containers for sale and for lease including 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 45ft reefers all in good condition. Our rental reefers all include free maintenance and are available with long term, short term and buy after lease options.

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  • Dry and Reefer Container Repairs and Maintenance Services

    With an annual turnover of over 30,000 pre-trip inspections (PTI) and more than 9,000 repairs, Cai Mep Containers has already been recognised by the marketplace and entrusted with the Lion's share of the container services business in Vietnam.

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  • Cai Mep Logistics Services

    We are Cai Mep Group supplying the COLD CHIAN LOGISTICS service. We have many the Cold Warehouses and Reefer Container for Rent to storage frozen and chill cargoes. We also supply the transport service for frozen and Chill cargoes by Sea, by Train, By Land ways or three ways together from Sounth Viet Nam to North Viet Nam for Export to China market. We supply the Reefer Remote Monitoring for all our Reefer Container was types transpot in Viet Nam. We are willing to share some information of cold chain services such as vehicle location information, real-time temperature of goods with customers through access to our dedicated application software Cai Mep Group.

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  • Refrigerated Truck and Trailer Services

    In addition to our key services of reefer and dry containers, Cai Mep Containers can also provides comprehensive refrigerated truck and trailer services including:

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  • Questions, answers, in-depth advice on cold engineering and cold chain logistics

    If you have any question about cold Chain logistics or Reefer Container, Cold Truck, Cold Warehouse and Reefer Traile Container, please let us know. We will find the good solution to advices for you.

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