Cai Mep Containers Extends Service Coverage to Include Hai Phong

Friday April 11, 2014

Cai Mep Containers are pleased to announce a further expansion of our already extensive network of service bases to include Hai Phong. The new service base is located at Tan Cang Phuong Dong depot and provided in partnership with ONP Logistics.

Commencing 15th April, reefer container M&R services including PTI, cleaning and machine repairs will be available and can be requested either through the depot or directly with Cai Mep Containers, depending on the customer's preference.

This strategic move is important to Cai Mep Containers as it effectively means that customers may utilise our service throughout the whole of Vietnam. It also means that pressure can be relieved in HCMC locations by performing PTI and repairs in the North prior to relocating containers to the south ready for stuffing and export. Furthermore, those customers who experience loss or exchange of equipment, power cabling in particular, can now enjoy additional levels of security to help reduce unnecessary M&R repair costs incurred when their equipment is sabotaged in the North. The new venture was initiated at the request of CMA-CGM and we are deeply grateful to them and our other customers for their support in this new venture.

MnR reefer services by Cai Mep Containers at Tan Cang Phuong Dong depot, Hai PhongThe new PTI staging area being installed at Tan Cang Phuong Dong depot