Dry container M&R Services

With a turnover of over 60,000 survey and more than 15,000 repairs performed annually, Cai Mep Containers has already been recognised by the marketplace and entrusted with the Lion's share of the container services business in Vietnam. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality dry and reefer services that we believe are available in Vietnam and at competitive rates as well.


Our service teams are equipped with the latest and best quality equipment including:

  • Mig, Tig and Miller welding systems
  • Specialist vacuum pumps
  • Refrigerant retrieval systems
  • Reefer body foaming pumps
  • Pressure measurement systems
  • Voltage, Ampere and Ohm specialist measuring tools



Our computer systems for uploading and downloading reefer unit data are always up to date with the latest releases and information from Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin & Star Cool, as well as any particular software settings or pre-developed software components from our customers for their containers.


To ensure that our work is always reliable and fully meets the expectations of our customers, the Cai Mep Container PTI, dry and reefer container repair processes are all based upon the annually released standards from IICL (the Institute of International Container Lessors) as well as any specific guidelines and criteria set by individual customers where they have them.


The sources of our parts for both reefer and dry container repairs are regularly checked to ensure that they comply with the strictest quality criteria. Every part received into our warehouses is formerly verified by the manufacturer - Carrier, Thermo King, Daikin or Star Cool, or through their agent in Singapore, Hong King or Vietnam and is kept ready for use in our warehouses.

Performing a reefer container PTI inspection

  Our PTI (Pre Trip Inspection) Services

  • Utilise the latest technology for uploading and downloading results to our customer's computer systems.
  • Always follow standard procedures and guidelines established by IICL5 (Institute of International Container Lessors)
  • Are performed by fully trained technicians.
Floor section replacement for a 20ft dry container

  Our Dry and Reefer Container Repairs

  • Only ever use genuine replacement parts approved by the container manufacturer.
  • Always follow standard IICL5 repair guidelines.
  • Are usually carried out in under 24 hours.