Office Container Sales

Office Containers by Cái Mép Containers

With an unmatched combination of security, portability and economy, an office container is ideal for situations where there is no existing infrastructure. They can be fully equipped according to your needs with office furniture, air conditioning, windows and even hygiene facilities.

Cai Mep Container's office containers are built to specification according to our customer's requirements, then transported and offloaded to the location of their choice. For long term projects our customers may choose to purchase a container for their site, but we also provide office containers on short term lease if that is more appropriate.

20' Office Container with Toilet

- Dimensions: W2.5 x H2.5 x L6m
- 2 aluminum doors
- 2 glass shutter windows
- 2 ventilation fans & 2 neon lights 
- 1 500 litre water tank
- 1 Men's urinal  

    20 feet office container  

40' Office Container

- Dimensions W2.5 x H2.5 x L12m
- 2 steel entrance doors with glass panes
- 4 aluminum framed glass shutter windows
- Window blinds
- 4 double neon lights
- 2 ventilation fans
- 2 x 1.5HP air conditioners
- Newly painted
- Company logo & name decals

    40 feet office container